Check out the Sunday School Class list below for In Person and Hybrid options!

Sunday School
9:45-10:45am Sunday mornings

In Person Only

Chapter by Chapter (Clark, Gruner)

Tower Room 804
Age range: 40’s and above

Fellowship Class (Bostick)

Room 211
Books of the Bible
Age range: All ages

Link Class (Cory)

Tower Room 303
Age range: 60’s and above

Rocking Chair Class (Eldridge)

Tower Room 302
Agents of Babylon
Age range: All ages

Young Families (Ewalt, Haberkorn)

Children's Wing (2nd floor, room in front of Chattanooga mural)
Age range: Late 20’s-early 40’s

McCallie/Anderson/Clyatt Class

Begins meeting September 13
Age range: all adult ages

Hybrid (Meeting in Person and on Zoom)

Bible 101 (Meeks, Frees)

Room 209
Richard Ramsey’s "Am I Good Enough?"
Age range: All adults welcome 

Joy of Learning (Sawrie)

Room 258
Age range: Empty nesters

Redeemed by the Word (Stauffer)

Room 210
2 Thessalonians
Age range: 30’s-70’s, singles and couples

Welcome All (Hutchinson, Dunn)

Tower Room 301
Age range: 35-65

Welcome All Class Youtube channel