Congregational Care

Congregational Care is a large umbrella of opportunities to serve our members, and especially our senior adults at First Presbyterian. If you are interested in any of the ministries below, click the following links listed or contact

Beatitude Living

Beatitude Living is a Christian women's 12 step program committed to recovery. Some of the needs addressed include perfectionism, control, codependency, eating disorders, or coping with the addictions of a family member or friend. Meeting on Tuesdays 12-1pm.

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Bereavement Meals

As an extension of Care and Concern within the church, this committee serves a meal to families of deceased church members following his/her funeral or memorial service. Several team, headed by a leader and co-leader, rotate their opportunities for service.

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Card-E-Ology Ministry

This ministry makes free cards in several categories for 1st Pres ministries to use to encourage church members. We are dedicated to sending out God’s Word in every card we make. Most cards go to the sick, hospitalized, and Honor Roll. Some of these cards also go to the Prison Ministry. We create cards and also repurpose donated cards. We make about 3,000 cards each year. We usually meet every Friday.

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Cards Ministry

Volunteers are designated for a month take time to send notes and cards to members of the church Honor Roll/Honored Friends on their birthdays, to church members who are 85 or older on their birthdays, to families with new babies, to care-givers, to members of the church who are in the military, and “we remember” the first anniversary of death cards to families.

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Care & Concern Visits

The visitation ministry at First Pres where volunteers offer encouragement to our home bound members by visiting them in their homes and bringing small gifts. We can always use more teams for visiting

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Daily Hospital/Sick/Bereaved Prayer List

A daily email list of anyone in the hospital, prayer requests, newly bereaved, new additions, and military associated with First Pres. 

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Flower Ministry 

The floral arrangements in the Sanctuary each Sunday during worship services are generously donated by our members. After the 11:30 service, volunteers take the flowers apart and arrange them into smaller bouquets for those in the hospital, nursing homes, etc. Volunteers are needed to donate, arrange, and deliver flowers in a particular part of town they live in. A volunteer is also needed to work as the schedule assistant by contacting small groups, Bible studies, and Sunday school classes to help with the arranging and delivery of flowers.

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Golf Cart Ministry 

The golf cart ministry, administered by the Deacons, provides transportation to attendees in need of help getting from a church parking lot to the church entrance.

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Each Sunday, volunteers greet everyone who enters the building. The greeters offer a bulletin or other information, as well as a friendly smile and warm welcome to First Pres.

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Honor Roll

First Presbyterian's honor roll consists of members who are home bound or need assistance getting around. Volunteers are needed to encourage our honor roll members by delivering Easter cakes and Christmas gifts, sending cards, making calls, and paying visits to members' homes.

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It's a Wonderful Life! (IAWL)

A ministry that serves the senior adult members and friends of our church. The meetings are held the second Thursday of each month from September-May. Each gathering begins with a time of fellowship, followed by the meeting itself which includes as devotional, prayer, special program, and a hot lunch afterwards. The cost of lunch is $8.00. In addition, there is also a day bus trip in the fall and spring.

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New Babies Ministry

Mary Haberkorn, Heather Ewalt, and Teresa North coordinate communication of a baby’s birth throughout the church so that different ministries and church personnel can do their part in ministering and serving the baby and family. Pastors are asked to pray for the new baby and family from the pulpit. The TLC ministry is notified to deliver a meal to the family. The birth announcement is put on the video screens prior to worship services. The announcement is placed in the worship service bulletins. Women’s ministry sends a baby Bible. The Flower Ministry sends an arrangement to the family. Church nursery personnel are given birth information.

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Stephen Ministry

Are you going through a difficult time? Perhaps a Stephen Minister can help. Stephen Ministers are members of our congregation who have received special training to provide confidential one-to-one Christian care to people in our congregation and community. A Stephen Minister will offer you a confidential, one-on-one relationship where you will be heard, cared about, and encouraged. To request a Stephen Minister, call the church office at 423-267-1206 or contact .

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Touching Lives for Christ (TLC)

Teresa North, C.C Edwards, and Ann Walldorf coordinate a large group of 1st Pres women that have volunteered to be called upon to deliver a meal to church members or friends who have been hospitalized, sick, had a baby, etc. The Chattanooga area is divided into 13 areas each of which has a team of volunteers. Each area has a coordinator who will call one of their area team members to deliver the needed meal (or sometimes the coordinator will deliver the meal). Each area team has 6-10 volunteers (about 80 total) so some volunteers are rarely called. (Note: TLC does not serve as meal trains which are usually made up of friends, a Sunday School class or Bible study group who will deliver a series of meals.)

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Widows/Widowers Ministry

The widows and widowers outreach team seeks to serve our church community by periodically planning luncheons and outings for our widowed members. The ministry also sends cards and makes phone calls of encouragement.

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