Small Groups are about relationships: growing in our relationship with God and deepening our relationships with others. Within these small groups, men and women can experience fellowship with others as they practice applying the gospel to their lives.
Composed of 5-12 people, Small Groups meet in various places throughout Chattanooga. All groups are led by trained leaders from our congregation, who receive oversight and support from our pastoral staff. Each Small Group determines how often it will meet, but typically groups meet two to four times a month. A Small Group meeting generally consists of worship, Bible study, fellowship, and prayer. Many groups will participate in service projects or social events as well.
Because God designed us for community, we need others to help us apply the gospel to our lives. Small Groups are places where we can come for encouragement and growth as we seek to follow Christ and live out his gospel to others.
For more information on how to sign up for a Small Group click the registration button or email contact button.

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How to Join a Small Group

Starting a Small Group
1. Grab a couple friends and appoint a leader
2. Decide when and where you will meet and what you would like to study (see Suggested Small Group Studies below or submit your own ideas for approval)
3. Email to register your Small Group.

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Joining a Small Group
1. Email to receive a short questionnaire to determine which Small Group works for you.
2. Depending on availability, you will be given the option of joining an existing Small Group or waiting to join a new Small Group at the beginning of each semester.

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Recommended Small Group Studies
We like to give our Small Groups the flexibility to choose a study that matches the needs of the members of the Small Group. Each Small Group can submit its study for approval, but sometimes it's difficult to know what quality studies are out there. So here are some great studies approved for use in our Small Groups at 1st Pres.

suggested small group studies