The ministry of World Missions serves as the global outreach for First Presbyterian Church—focusing on ministry that takes place outside the borders of the United States of America.

The Mission of First Presbyterian Church is to carry out our part of the Great Commission. The Vision of First Presbyterian Church is to be a city center church compelled by Christ’s love to make disciples in our homes, city, and the world.

World Missions is the foreign missions arm of First Presbyterian Church tasked with making disciples in the world—facilitated through the targeted selection and funding of missionaries, indigenous church planters, short-term teams, and projects that promote the establishment, growth, and maturation of indigenous-led churches and movements in strategic global cities.

Ministry Components of World Missions

  • Missionaries Serving Abroad
  • Indigenous Church Planting Movements
  • Short Term Missions Abroad
  • International World Relief and Development
  • Annual World Missions Conference
  • UTC International Students

World Missions Committees that support the ministry components are as follows:

  • Executive Committee
  • World Missions Committee (at large)
  • Candidate Selection Committee for Career Missionaries
  • World Relief and Development Committee
  • First Friends Committee for International Student Ministry
  • Hattie McCallie Missionary Closet Committee
  • Prayer Teams

Please consult the World Missions Website at for additional information on the ministry including opportunities for service, applications for financial support, and media presentations