Men’s Fraternity

So many men have requested help on their journey in Christ. This series, entitled Men’s Fraternity, was one of the most fruitful ministries that Tim Tinsley ever experienced. The material deals with the pursuit of noble manhood through dealing with the wounds that a man suffers during his life time. It brings healing and hope through Christ and practical application. In this series Tim speaks in a rather honest and vulnerable way about many of his own struggles that he is not always able to address while preaching to our congregation of men, women and children.
If Tim had one prayer answered for our world besides global spiritual awakening, it would be for godly men to be the leader of each home, marriage and business.

Disc 1 – At the Starting Line: Five Manhood Promises

Identifying the core issues with which men deal and five promises that we hope to accomplish by God’s grace this year.

Disc 2- The Four Faces of Manhood

The four faces of a man – the king, the warrior, the lover and the friend.

Disc 3 – The First Step to Authentic Manhood: Looking Back

You must honestly unpack your past in order to faithfully look to your future.

Disc 4 – The Second Step to Authentic Manhood: Unpacking

A man cannot change what he does not understand so unpacking our past is a helpful way to gain the insight necessary for healthy transition into right thinking and right living.

Disc 5 – Remembering Dad

The relationship we have with our dads helps to pour strength into our souls, moving us from light weights to heavy weights as we live in the windswept world.

Disc 6 – Facing the Father Wound

Facing the father wound requires courage and care, but if we do not address this wound we will be a prisoner to it all the days of our lives.

Disc 7 – The Overly-Bonded with Mother Wound

A mother has deep influence over her son’s emotional formation, influence that he carries into his future relationships; especially relationships with the other significant women in his life.

Disc 8 – Making a Healthy Break with Mom

Developing boundaries in the relationship with our mother that is both honoring and healthy for her and for you.

Disc 9 – The All Alone Wound

The all alone wound is a self inflicted wound that men must overcome with purposeful effort towards intimate relationships.

Disc 10 – Three Cheers for Mentors!

Mentoring is mutually beneficial as it provides purpose for the mentor and vision for the mentee.

Disc 11 – The Wounded Heart

The heart wound is a wound that is not inflicted by lack of nurture but one that is inflicted by nature, once received by everyone at birth…that only God can remedy.

Disc 12 – Implication of the Heart Wound

The good news solution to the heart wound.